my . [ S H O W C A S E ];

Keble Dining Hall

I'm a web developer and professor of Ancient Philosophy passionate about transforming precise, logical syntax (both modern and archaic) into meaning and ideas. I work in the full .NET and MERN stacks. My languages of choice are JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS, Latin, and Ancient Greek.

I leverage my background in higher education and the humanities to improve the whole development process. My knowledge of ancient languages and MA in English have habituated my mind to the complex syntax and granular linguistic detail of coding. Years of experience as an Oxford-trained professor of philosophy makes the high-level problem solving, conceptual abstraction, and skill in logic demanded of developers natural to me.

I'm proficient in front-end tech (React, Blazor, jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone, Bootstrap, Materialize, Kendo UI), back-end tech (Node, Express, ASP.NET MVC, MongoDB, Mongoose, MySQL, Sequelize, Entity Framework, Firebase), Git version control, and Azure DevOps, with a special focus on smoothly interactive UI components. I've graduated from the University of New Hampshire's Full Stack Web Development program, Oxford University (MSt in Ancient Philosophy, Keble College, pictured above), and the Catholic University of America (MA in English). I currently work as an Application UI Developer at P&R Dental Strategies.

my . " P O R T F O L I O ";

// Click the name of each project to view more info

my."PORTFOLIO" = {

"2-Player Image Labeler": {links: ["demo", "code"], fullStack: true},

"Ancient Greek Declensions Quiz": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Bug Invaders": {links: ["demo", "code"]}

"C.S. Lewis Letter Search": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Clivi Hamiltonis Opera Obscura": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Magi Nation Booster Pack Simulator": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Node Movie, Song, & Concert Search": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Node Storefront": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Plato Texts (npm package)": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Pokemon Booster Pack Simulator": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"React Memory Game": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Sequelize Me Captain!": {links: ["demo", "code"], fullStack: true},

"Super Coin Collector": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Superhero Dating App": {links: ["demo", "code"], fullStack: true},

"The Office Character Guessing Game": {links: ["demo", "code"]},

"Virtual Backlog": {links: ["demo", "code"], fullStack: true},